Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ASTRO 25 Tuner R05.04.00

ASTRO 25 Tuner R05.04.00

This new version of the Tuner includes support for the VISTA operating
system, in addition, the frequency range has been updated for 900 MHz radios
for Transmitter Test Pattern and Bit Error Rate features.

Attention VISTA users:

The following configuration on Vista Home Premium and Business Premium
needs to be set for the CPS to function properly.

• Vista Theme should be set to “Windows Classic”
• whe saving radio's tuner information to a file, then ame of the
file should not exceed 30 characters.
• Vista Compatible Printer is required for using the Print
functionality in the CPS.

IMPORTANT !!: If installing CPS R09.00.00, please make sure to also
install Tuner R05.03.00 or this version of the Tuner. Previous versions
of the Tuner are not compatible with CPS R09.00.00 or later.

Radio Models Supported:
This software supports the following radios:
XTS 1500
XTS 2500
XTS 4000
XTS 5000
SSE 5000
MT 1500
PR 1500
ASTRO Spectra Plus
XTL 1500
XTL 2500
XTL 5000
PM 1500
HPD 1000 modem

Supported features: (Please refer to the Help text for
=================== model applicability)

Transmitter Alignment features:
PA Bias
Reference Oscillator
HPD Tx Open Loop Power
HPD Tx IQ Balance
HPD Tx Autopower
HPD Tx Closed Loop Power
Power Detection Calibration
Tx Power (High/Mid/Low)
Tx Power Characterization
Tx Current Limit
Tx Deviation Balance
Tx Deviation Limit

Receiver Alignment feature:
Front-end filter

Performance Testing features:
Bit Error Rate
Transmitter test pattern
HPD Bit Error Rate
HPD Carrier Feedthru

Other features:
Battery Calibration
Microphone Sensitivity
Save data to file
Restore data from file to radio

Supported Operating Systems:
RS232 Operation:

Windows NT 4.0 (SP 6 or higher)
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP (Home Edition and Professional )
Windows Vista (Home Premium and Business Premium)
Note: (Pre-installed only, XP upgrade from other
Operating systems is not supported at this time.)
Windows ME and Windows 98 are no longer supported.
You may choose to proceed with the installation, but
some features might not be functioning properly.
Upgrading the operating system is highly recommended.

USB Operation:
Windows XP (service pack 1 or higher)
Windows 2000 (service pack 2 or higher)
Windows Vista
USB is not supported for Windows NT

1) When you insert the Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive, the
installation will start automatically if you have auto start enabled
for your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
2) Please refer to the CPS Programming Installation Guide, which you
received with this software for more detailed information. It is
essential to follow these instructions in order for communication
between the PC and radio to work properly.

Connecting the PC to the radio:
Do not use the Radio Interface Box (RIB), Smart Radio Interface
Box (SRIB) or any of the cables that plug into those boxes.

Use only the following direct PC to radio cables:

XTS 1500/ XTS 2500/ XTS 5000/ MT 1500/ PR 1500 RS232 cable = RKN4106
XTS 1500/ XTS 2500/ XTS 5000/ MT 1500/ PR 1500 USB cable = RKN4105
SSE 5000 RS232 cable = RKN4122
SSE 5000 USB cable = RKN4121

ASTRO Spectra Plus / XTL 5000 RS232 cable = HKN6155

XTL 5000 (with 'O5' Control Head)/
XTL 2500/ XTL 1500/ PM 1500 RS232 GCAI cable = HKN6183

XTL 5000 (with 'O5' Control Head)/
XTL 2500/ XTL 1500/ PM 1500 USB GCAI cable = HKN6184

HPD 1000 USB Cable = HKN6177A (6 ft) or HKN6178A (16.5 ft)

Note: When using the USB cable, be sure to always click "Yes" on the
Digital Signature window whenever it is displayed by the operating system.
Note that the USB cable can be used only with Windows XP Service Pack 1 or
higher and Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 or higher operating systems.

Known issues:
1) In the event that PC to radio communications fail even after
attempting to read the radio multiple times, it might be necessary
to reset the communications by either turning the radio off/on or
by disconnecting/reconnecting the cable connected to the radio.

2) PC to radio communications will sometimes fail if you attempt
to read the radio immediately after closing the previous tuning
session. Wait for the "hourglass" to disappear before reading
the radio again.

3) When communicating with the radio over USB on Windows 2000 SP2,
certain PC configurations along with specific error conditions
may cause the PC to reboot or display a blue screen. To limit the
possibility of occurrence, be sure that your PC meets the minimum
specifications and be certain that the radio is turned on and the
cables are properly connected when attempting to read the radio.

4) When entering data in the Transmit Power Characterization screen,
the values used must be measured values, any other values might
generate unpredictable results.

5) The XTL radios and the HPD modem take longer to reset than
the ASTRO Spectra Plus radios. When tuning these radios, allow enough
time for the radio to reset before attempting to read/tune the radio

6) During HPD BER testing, the Rx Frequency should NOT be changed while
the test is running. If the Rx Frequency needs to be changed, please
STOP the test, change the frequency, then start the test again.

7) During the HPD BER testing, it is not recomended to transmit while
the Rx test is running.