Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TETRA Terminals MR5.12 Software Release (CPS R6C.639.03)

The Global TETRA Terminal team is please to announce the ship
acceptance of MR5.12 Software Release.
MR5.12 is the latest software release for Tetra Terminals MTM800,
MTM800E, MTH800, MTP850, MTP850 3L, MTP850S, MTP850FuG,
MTP850Ex, MTP810Ex, CEP400 and MTP830, it replaces MR5.11, MR5.11.1
and MR5.11.3 shipping from the factory and MR5.11.2 provided for field

New features in MR5.12
• Short Data Service over End to End Encryption (SDS over E2EE)
Note: SDS over E2EE is only supported on the MACE UCM with
newly released software version R02.12.07 or above.
It is not for BSI ‘SIM’ based encryption
• Location Information Protocol Temporary Reporting Control of
GPS. Also known as ‘LIP Throttling’
• User Selectable Functions for Rotary Knob Mode
• Immediate Text Messaging to Terminal
• Roaming Control
• Never go to a Local Site Trunking site
• Soft Alpha Numeric Keypad on Limited Keypad Terminals
• Louder and Adjustable Emergency Tone in Earpiece
• TMO and DMO Configurable Power Setting for Handportables
with 1.8W enabled.
• CPS Upgrade/downgrade
• CESG Approval
• Updates required to address hardware component obsolescence.

Features from previous releases that are now available on additional Terminals.
The following features have been released previously on selected
Terminals and are now made available on others.
• Return to WAP Screen if WAP session is Interrupted
• Audio Performance Improvements with Extra Loud RSM
• Chinese Alphabetic sort and searching by Pinyin (simplified
Chinese) or BoPoMoFo (traditional Chinese) or Stroke
• Automatic Appending of Received Message to Outgoing Template
Short Data Service Message
• Loudspeaker Mute Selection – permanent or temporary
• Kill
• Call Out
• Secondary Control Channel
• Private Call/SDS via ESN/MS-ISDN
• Automatic Keylock
• SDS Outbox
• PTT Double-Push
• Stopping Alert Tone & Pausing Alert Tone upon PTT is possible
[Call Out Alert Tone Changes]
• iTM Improvements
• Mobility Improvements (SC-G, Mobility Logging)
• Signed USB drivers for CPS and iTM
• CPS Pre-defined Templates addressed with MS-ISDN
• SDS Remote Control
• Static IP in TMO (via cps) Ipv4
• Manufacture, Type and Ser No in Service Mode
• Call History List (add time)
• CPS Programming time improvements
• Addition of French into Euro Pack 1 Language pack.

Software Enablement Kit
Orderable features remain available via an appropriate software
enablement kit which consists of a dongle GM0193A with the appropriate
number of purchased licenses for one or more features. Each license
activates only ONE matching feature per bodyworn radio unit at the same
time as it is provisioned.
The new orderable features are:
• QA01847AA - - Enable Short Data Service over End to End
Encryption ( note: only applicable to hardware E2EE module
equipped Terminals)
• QA01848AA - - Enable Immediate Text Message.
These are in addition to the existing orderable features:
• QA00175AA - - Enable WAP Feature
• QA00177AA - - Enable GPS Feature
• QA00176AA - - Enable Multislot Packet Data
• QA00771AA - - Enable Enhanced Security Feature
• QA00772AA - - Enable Permanent Disable Feature
• QA01089AA - - Enable Call Out Feature
• QA01090AA - - Enable RUA/RUI Feature
• QA01261AA - - Enable SCCH Feature
• QA01003AA - - Permanent Disable V2 Kill/Unkill
• QA01275AA - - Enable Dual Control Head
• QA01276AA - - Enable Aim Feature
• QA01403AA - - Toggle RF Power Class
• QA00993AA - - Enable Mandown Feature
• QA01628AA - - Enable RMS/FMS
• QA01629AA - - Enable SDS Remote Control
• QA01652AA - - Enable Cell Select By Talkgroup
• QA01746AA - - Enable WAP Push