Saturday, September 17, 2011

TETRA Terminals MR5.13 Software Release

The Global TETRA Terminal team is please to announce the ship acceptance of MR5.13 Software Release.
MR5.13 is the latest software release for Tetra Terminals MTM800, MTM800E, MTH800, MTP850, MTP850 3L, MTP850S, MTP850FuG, MTP850Ex, MTP810Ex, MTP830FuG, MTP830S, CEP400, TCR1000 and MTP830, it replaces the MR5.12 series of releases.
MTM800 is limited to the addition of improvements including Next Generation CPS Plus support.
Next Generation CPS Plus also supports the TOM100, TCR100, MTM5400 and MTM800FuG products that have no radio software updates in this release.

New features in MR5.13:
• Control of Preferred Cell sites via Cell Retention Offset
• Ignore Specified Local Site Trunking notifications.
• Dialling Specific Number String Triggers an Emergency Call
• Control of 100 Talkgroups directly from TCR1000 RCU.
• Switch to pre-defined talkgroup via single press of One Touch Button.
• 5 Additional AT Command functions added to SDS Remote Control.
• Polish Language.
• C-C400 Accessory Emergency Button and PTT Support added.
• Heavy Duty Headset Accessory Support added.
• Next Generation CPS Plus with 12+ new features.
• Audio Profile update
• SDS Send to Group by Store and Forward.

The following features have been released previously on selected Terminals and are now made available on others.
• DMO Repeater
• User Interface improvements.
• Font Sizing
• Safety improvements
• Automatic power on.
• Overrule GPS off setting.
• Emergency Timer Call Delay
• Keypad lock.
• GPS Reporting on demand via OTB
• Duration of welcome screen
• Reset radio to pre-defined values via MMI.
• SDS Remote Control.
• Enhanced Language support.
• Car integration AT Commands
• C-C500 Accessory RSM Support added.
• Group SDS to external logger.
• Simplified controls
• Man down detector
• 1.8W extended operating range
• Specialist accessories
• Rugged IP55

Software Enablement Kit.
Orderable features remain available via an appropriate software enablement kit which consists of two dongles GM0193A (for Spypod only) and GM0127A for all other terminals, with the appropriate number of purchased licenses for one or more features. Each license activates only ONE matching feature per bodyworn radio unit at the same time as it is provisioned.

The new orderable features are:
• QA02766AA - - Enable Preferred Cell Stickiness
• QA02765AA - - Enable Ignore Local Site Trunking
These are in addition to the existing orderable features:
• QA00175AA - - Enable WAP Feature
• QA00177AA - - Enable GPS Feature
• QA00176AA - - Enable Multislot Packet Data
• QA00771AA - - Enable Enhanced Security Feature
• QA00772AA - - Enable Permanent Disable Feature
• QA01089AA - - Enable Call Out Feature
• QA01090AA - - Enable RUA/RUI Feature
• QA01261AA - - Enable SCCH Feature
• QA01003AA - - Permanent Disable V2 Kill/Unkill
• QA01275AA - - Enable Dual Control Head
• QA01276AA - - Enable AIM Feature
• QA01403AA - - Toggle RF Power Class
• QA00993AA - - Enable Mandown Feature
• QA01628AA - - Enable RMS/FMS
• QA01629AA - - Enable SDS Remote Control
• QA01652AA - - Enable Cell Select By Talkgroup
• QA01746AA - - Enable WAP Push
• QA01847AA - - Enable Short Data Service over End to End Encryption
• QA01848AA - - Enable Immediate Text Message.
• QA01963AA - - Enable Repeater Feature
• QA01397AA - - Colour Display