Saturday, June 18, 2011

Commercial Series Radio CPS R05.15

1. Introduction
Motorola Commercial Series Customer Programming Software (CPS) for the CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180, CM140, CM160, CM340 and CM360 radios.

Version Notes

The same as R05.13.

The same as R05.09.

Support Russian input feature. In order to enable the Russian input feature, the Regional and Language Options of Windows Control Panel shall be set to Russia.

Support Self Test Report feature.

Support Selected Channel Lock, Priority Channel 1 Lock Feature.

Support Russian, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Fixed Talk Around issue.

Support scroll bar feature.

Support Radio ID, Vote Scan, and MDC Call Alert features.

The same as R05.02.

Fixed several user interface bugs.

Support character 'P' as Pause Character in phone number for radios with codeplug version 03.xx and above.
Support 100 personalities on CM340.
Fixed the 12.5 KHz channel frequency issue of CM340/CM360.
CPS automatically modifies codeplug mismatched values when reading archive files of radios with firmware versions R02.00.xx and prior.

Phase 5 upgrade.

Support for CM340 and CM360 radios.
The channel position was under 'Conventional Personalities' in the old CPS and is now moved to the left window under a new item called 'Channel Position'.

Support for Designated Power Up Channel.

Fixed cloning issues between different codeplug versions.
Support for additional frequency bands for the CM140 and CM160 radios.

Modified the transmit power calculation for the CM140 and CM160 radios.

Support for the CP140, CP160, CP180, and CM160 radios.
Drag and drop support and cloning support between different codeplug versions.
Support for copying the receive frequency, with an optional user defined offset, to the transmit frequency.

Support for new serial number format from factory.
Improved error handling during radio communication.

Now supports synthesizer step sizes of 2.5 kHz. This is necessary to support certain narrowband (12.5 kHz) frequencies.
Now supports per user settings for the preference settings and the dealer information fields printed on the customer handout report.

Support for the CP040 and CM140 radios.
Drag and drop support between models and products.
Support for renaming personalities, systems, and lists.
Support for multiple selection configuration. For example, create several MDC systems and select them all in the treeview and set the Primary ID of all the MDC systems to the same value at once.

3. Requirements
Operating System
Required Patches

Microsoft® Windows® 98 First Edition
Windows 98 Year 2000 Update
Windows 98 Year 2000 Update 2

System Update

Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition
Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition
Microsoft® Windows® NT 4.0
SP5 or greater, excluding SP6 (SP6a is supported).
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/Professional Edition
Microsoft® Windows® 7

Hardware Recommendations
· The application takes approximately 16 MB of free disk space on your PC. However, you may want more space to allow you to save archive files of your radios. Each archive file varies in size depending on the features of the radio that are enabled. A good rule of thumb is 75 KB per archive file.
· For processor speed and RAM, nothing is required beyond the recommendations given by Microsoft for the release of the operating system that you are using.
· The graphical user interface is best displayed using 1024*768 and 65536 color display or better (use small font).
· A CD-ROM drive.
· A serial port or USB to serial port adapter. The BAFO(R) BF-810 USB to serial port adapter has been tested successfully with the CPS application.