Friday, December 18, 2009

TETRA Terminals MR5.11 Software Release

The Global TETRA Terminal team is pleased to announce the shipment of the MR5.11 Software Release. MR5.11 is the latest Software for the TETRA terminals MTH800, MTM800, MTM800E, MTP850, MTP850 Class 3L, MTP810Ex and MTP850Ex. The software is now shipping from the factory with these terminals.

MR5.11 is a significant release that further enhances the terminal featureset and provides support for both versions of the End to End (E2E) Universal Crypto Module(UCM), (full details of the scope of the release can be found below).

MR5.11 also has characteristics of a Service Enhancement Release (SER) as it introduces solutions for several customer specific requirements.

MR5.11 continues the software version selection provided with the TETRA terminals. The distribution centres will ship the software of your choice. The release Note details the Upgrade compatibility.

A new version of Customer Programming Software (CPS) is required to be able to upgrade and program existing TETRA Terminals, refer to the relevant section below for ordering details.

MR5.11 Release notes:
Release notes can be found at motorola.
Please read the MR5.11 Release Notes before installing the new CPS and upgrade the radios.
MR5.11 release note provides the description for all new features, operation notes and limitations.
Also the release note lists all the customer required enhancements provided with this software release.

MR5.11 Release Headlines:
CPS Pre-defined Templates addressed with MSISDN:
• The users can choose between MS-ISDN and ISSI when addressing calls to another TETRA radio.
• With MS-ISDN calls, two MS can have calls based on assigned ISDN number.

Static IP in TMO:
• Data applications in the infrastructure may require fixed IPs
• Possible easier DNS lookup
• Enhanced Control of IPs
• Useful if more services are used
• Possible used for filtered access

Manufacturer, Type and Serial Number in Service Mode:
• Easy access to service information

WAP Push:
Pushes content to the radio users. Examples,
• Reports and notifications
• Alarms
• Announcements
• Distributions

• Allows mutual exchange of certain alphanumeric codes between the radio users and their control rooms.

E2EE Packet Data:
• Offers customers to use E2EE packet data to secure the data communication.

SDS Remote Control:
The feature enables to remotely make the following changes in the MS.
• Switch from DMO to TMO or TMO to DMO
• Change Talkgroup in any mode (TMO or DMO)

Call History List:
• The feature enables the MS to store recent dialled, received and missed calls for future use.

A Service Pack update for MACE UCMs using the AES256 algorithm is included in MR5.11. UCMs with the AES256 algorithm that were shipped prior to this release have an incorrect value for OTAK algorithm identifier (called KMMID).

This value was also incorrect in Motorola infrastructure products. Since they both match, customers using all Motorola equipment do not experience any issues.

The infrastructure devices were updated as part of the Dimetra 7.0 system release which was M2 SA the 24th Nov 2010.

Software Enablement Kit:
Software enablement kits are the preferred mechanism to provide Customers with desired additional features, these product enhancements are further enhanced in MR5.11. When purchasing the software features (eg GPS), the customer receives an enablement kit consisting of a dongle that will activate the features at the same time as the TETRA terminal is provisioned.

The orderable features in MR5.11 are:
• QA01275AA - - Dual Control Head (DCH)
• QA01261AA - - Secondary Control Channel (SCCH)
• QA01276AA - - Air Interface Migration (AIM)
• QA00175AA - - Enable WAP Feature
• QA00177AA - - Enable GPS Feature
• QA00176AA - - Enable MSPD Feature
• QA00771AA - - Enable Enhanced Security package.
• QA00772AA - - Enable Permanent Disable (KILL) Feature
• QA01003AA - - Kill/Unkill (Permanent Disable v2) Feature
• QA01089AA - - Enable Call Out Feature
• QA01090AA - - Enable RUI/RUA Feature
• QA00993AA - - Enable MANDOWN Feature
• QA01628AA - - Enable RMS/FMS
• QA01629AA - - Enable SDS Remote Control
• QA01746AA - - Enable WAP PUSH