Friday, December 18, 2009

Tetra Software Release MR3.1.6E for MTM700 and MTP700

With the introduction of the MR3.1.6E Software Release for the MTM700 and MTP700 Tetra Terminals, Motorola continue to demonstrate it’s commitment to ensure that our Customers selection of Motorola Subscribers will meet their changing requirements.
MR3.1.6E is the final feature enhancement release for the MTM700 and MTP700 family of Tetra Terminals. The release includes a final package of software corrections to address a number of Customer requirements.

The release of MR3.1.6E brings to an end Motorola’s Service life Software support for the MTM700 and MTP700 (sic) family of products. Any future feature requirements or Customer enhancements will be served by the New generation of Tetra Subscriber Terminals. Release MR3.1.6E will be supported by a new Customer Programming Software (CPS).

There are no hardware changes required to support these new enhancements.

Scheduled Release Date : 01 December 2009

Release Notes:
The Software Release notes to support MR3.1.6E will be located with the CPS and the Radio Firmware available for download from Motorola on Line (MOL) or for Motorola authorised personnel from the General CPS Compass site.
The Release Notes will provide full details on the corrections implemented for Customer requirements.