Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alpha Series Radio Battery Alignment (PRO2150, CP125, GP2000)

Some PRO2150, CP125, GP2000 radios have recently experienced battery alignment and battery engaugement issues. It is either very difficult to engage the battery to the radio or the battery will not engage at all.

Portable Radios Affected:
All PRO2150, CP125, GP2000 radios within the date code range listed below.

Detailed Information:
Recent changes in the radios back chassis resulted in the engagement slot dimensions being out of specification, causing a poor battery to chassis alignment.

Radio date code of units affected by this issue:
8231 (June, 2008) to 8491 (November, 2008)

Radio date code of units not affected:
Before 8231 (June, 2008)
After 8491 (November, 2008) & above

Corrective Actions:
You may need to replace the back chassis if the customer complains about battery fit or engagement issues and the lack of engagement has been verified. To verify the lack of engagement follow all of the following steps.

• Verify possible engagement issue with the metal “Alpha II Go/No-Go” fixture. Fixture part number 66012002001

• If metal fixture fit’s in chassis-radio unit, picture illustrated below, then the engagement slot is within specification and the rear chassis does NOT have to be replaced.

• If metal fixture DOES NOT fit in chassis-radio unit, picture illustrated below, then the engagement slot is NOT within specification and the chassis will have to be replaced.

Chassis Replacement Procedure:
Once the metal “Alpha II Go/No-Go” fixture confirm a genuine failure, replace the chassis using the following steps:

• Disassemble the defective chassis from plastic housing & PC board.

• Verify the engagement of the new chassis with the metal “Alpha II Go/No-Go” fixture prior to reassembly. If there is proper engagement, replace the defective chassis with a new chssis.

• Reassemble the radio with the good chassis, palstic housing, and P.C. board.

• Test the radio for basic functionality.

Note: For disassembly an reassembly details, please check
basic service manual.