Friday, September 25, 2009

CP150, CP200, PR400 / Potential Codeplug Corruption due to programming interruptions

For customer who have a valid CPS license from Motorola. Please note that Amateur Radio Software does not sell any Motorola Radio Software online.


CPS RVN4191 generates “Error # 2417 Codeplug version not supported” message as shown in Figure 1 or “Error # 2436 Codeplug is corrupted.

Figure 1

Contact Customer Service Center.” as shown in Figure 2 when
reading a radio after unsuccessfully writing to or cloning to the radio.

Figure 2

CP150, CP200 and PR400 model units

The code plug can become corrupted if the programming is interrupted prior to the program operation being completed. The interruption can occur due to several factors:

1) Noise on the RIB cable between the PC and the radio causes errors in the CPS programming data

2) Using a weak or uncharged battery during the programming session. New batteries are not shipped fully charged.

a) Battery’s require a 16 hour initial charge to assure proper cell balance.

b) A new battery may have enough energy to support initial read operations by the CPS but writing and cloning operations require more energy and the uncharged battery may not supply the necessary voltage and current required to complete the programming operation successfully, thus causing code plug corruption.

3) Interruptions that result in code plug corruption can also be caused by loose, intermittent or prematurely broken connections between the computer and the radio during a write or clone operation.

4) Interruptions that can cause corruption can also come from other software applications that reconfigure the communication port or attempt to communicate via the same communication port as the CPS during a programming session. Attempts to read a radio after the corruption has occurred will result in the error messages as shown
in Figure 1 and 2.

Corrective Action:
It is recommended that a fully charged battery or a Shop Battery Eliminator (Motorola Part Number 0180305K08) be used during the programming sessions. Make sure the programming cable is fully seated into the radio before programming. Verify that all connections to the RIB and computer are correct and secure before programming any radios. Be sure to quit any other applications (i.e. Personal Digital Assistant synchronizing tools or other radio programming software) that could access the communication ports before launching the CPS. When programming thru the CPS, wait for the “Writing the radio was successful.” message as shown in Figure 3 before disconnecting the programming cable from the radio.

Figure 3

If a code plug has become corrupted there are no actions a dealer or customer can take to restore the radio to an operational state and the radio must be returned for service to the regional depot for repair.

Please note that this bulletin is informational only and No labor Warranty is intended or implied.