Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introduction to FLASHport™

Introduction to FLASHport™
Congratulations! You have just purchased a software upgrade
that will use FLASHport technology from Motorola! FLASHport is a
revolutionary new method that makes it possible to add software
capabilities to your radios both at the time of purchase and later on.
Previously, changing radio features and capabilities meant costly
hardware modifications or buying a new radio. But now, similar to
how a computer can be loaded with different software, your radio’s
features and capabilities can be upgraded with FLASHport
software. This gives your Motorola radio the ability to meet your
needs both today and in the future.
• System software packages provide basic radio control
• Enhancement packages build on systems packages and
permit specific features to be installed in your radio.

How to Use This Manual
This manual is designed to help you upgrade your radios with
your new FLASHport software package.
The radio software included in the upgrade package must be
installed with the help of the Customer Programming Software
(CPS). This is provided as a separate application, and must be
purchased and installed on your computer prior to beginning the
radio upgrade.
The following sections of this guide apply to all upgrades:
• Getting Started
• Equipment Setup
Be sure to read through these sections before installing the
radio upgrade software. Then, when you are ready to install the
new radio upgrade software into the radio, you will proceed to
“Upgrading Your Radio” on page 8.

FLASHport Upgrade Package
Your FLASHport upgrade package contains the following
major items:
• FLASHport User’s Guide (this guide).

• CD-ROM disk(s) containing the
FLASHport software files.

• New iButton® FLASHkey™ which has
been programmed with the aftermarket
order information.

• “I’ve Been FLASHED” stickers which
allow you to mark each radio that has
been upgraded

• New radio labels to add and/or replace
the existing labels on the back of the
radios. These labels identify the system
package purchased and the radios’
new FLASHcode.

Items You Will Need to Get Started
Most of the items needed to perform a FLASHport upgrade are
standard items required for any radio programming using Customer
Programming Software (CPS).
Computer (For use with

Processor: 400 MHz (or higher)
Pentium grade processor
Memory: 128 MB RAM (Win 98/
98SE/ME / Win NT 4.0 SP6+ /
Win2000); 256 MB RAM or
higher for Windows XP (Home
or Professional)
Hard Disk Space: 1 Gigabyte
drive with 450 MB minimum free
— Microsoft Windows supported mouse or trackball
— Microsoft Windows supported serial port for radio
— USB port for Windows 2000 SP2 or higher or Windows XP
SP1 or higher (optional)
— Microsoft Windows supported printer port for report printing
— 1.44 MB 3.5” floppy disk drive
— CD-ROM for software installation
— internet access
— Windows email application for application email support.
Included with the upgrade
package. Connects to either the
parallel port or the USB port on
the computer, depending on the
iButton adapter.

FLASHport Software
Included with the upgrade

RS-232 Programming
and Test Cable

RKN4106 for XTS 2500, XTS
5000, XTS 1500, MT 1500 and
PR 1500.
RKN4122 for SSE 5000

USB Programming and
Test Cable

RKN4105 for XTS 2500, XTS
5000, XTS 1500, MT 1500 and
PR 1500.
RKN4121 for SSE 5000

HKN6155 Programming Cable
For ASTRO Digital Spectra Plus and XTL 5000
XTL 5000 Mid-Power with W3, W4, W5, W7 or W9 Control
HKN6183 Programming Cable (GCAI )
XTL 5000 High-Power with W3, W4, W5, W7 or W9 Control
XTL 5000 with O5 Control Head.
XTL 2500 and XTL 1500.
— ASTRO 25 Portable: XTS 5000, XTS 2500, XTS 1500,
MT 1500, PR 1500, SSE 5000
— ASTRO 25 Mobile: XTL 5000, XTL 2500, XTL 1500,
ASTRO Digital Spectra Plus
Customer Programming Software (CPS)
— For ASTRO 25 Portable:
- CPS/Tuner — RVN4181
— For ASTRO 25 Mobile:
- CPS/Tuner — RVN4185
— For ASTRO 25 Portable and ASTRO 25 Mobile
Combined Package:
- CPS/Tuner — RVN4186

Equipment Setup
To begin your FLASHport upgrade, connect the equipment as
shown below.

A complete description of the equipment is provided in “Items
You Will Need to Get Started” on page 4.

Note: FLASHport via USB is supported only for ASTRO 25
portable radios.
Note: For XTL 5000 with O5 control head, XTL 2500 and XTL 1500
radios, it is very important to connect the programming cable
directly into the control head even for remote mounted