Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quantar and Quantro CPS R14.11.00

Product: Radio Service Software
Version: R14.11.00
Type of Release: General Box Release
Date of Release: Dec 31, 2012

RSS Overview

The model RVN5002 (ver 14.11.00 and later) RSS is a GUI-based alignment, programming, and
diagnostics program for various Motorola base station and comparator products. The program is
designed to run on any laptop or desktop personal computer that is capable of running Microsoft
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.
This chapter provides information on frequently performed operations such as launching the
RSS program and downloading a codeplug from a connected device. The following topics are
• “User Interface Description”
• “PC Requirements”
• “Installing the RSS Software”
• “Connecting the PC to the Device RSS Port”
• “Launching the RSS Program”
• “Exiting the RSS Program”
• “Navigating Through the RSS Screens”
• “Reading the Device Codeplug”
• “Writing Codeplug Data to the Device”
• “Obtaining Codeplug Size”
• “File Maintenance”

Summary of Features

The RSS program provides the following features and capabilities:
• Read and program device codeplug data
• Create replacement codeplug files based on default codeplug template files included with
the RSS program
• Optimize newly installed devices
• Modify or upgrade existing installations

• Perform device alignment procedures
• Interrogate and interpret device status log files
• Perform comprehensive diagnostics on all device modules
• Perform digital metering to measure key voltages and levels