Monday, June 25, 2012

Tetra Terminals MR5.14 Software Release

The MR5.14 software release supports the following TETRA terminals:
-MTH800 380-430MHz and 440-470MHz only.
-MTP850 MTP850 IP54 MTP850 IP55 MTP850 3L IP54 MTP850 3L IP55 MTP850 S
-MTP850 FuGtMTP850 Ex
-MTP810 Ex
-MTP830 S
-MTP830 FuG
-MTM800 E  

The MR5.14 software release highlights are:
-DMO Presence Check
-Enhanced emergency operation
-Enhanced non-emergency calls, Disaster Alert, Assistance Call, Announcement Call
-3 Level Folder structure
-Numerous code plug enhancements.
-Adoption of MR5.13.3 specific features