Saturday, June 26, 2010

TCR1000 Covert TETRA Terminal MR9.11 Software Release

The Global TETRA Terminal team is pleased to announce the ship acceptance of MR9.11 Software Release.

MR9.11 is the fifth software release for this radio and, for radios equipped with UCM-M (Universal Crypto Module – MACE. Motorola’s hardware based end to end encryption module), it replaces MR9.6, MR9.6.1, MR9.6.2 and MR9.6.3 shipping from the factory with TETRA Covert Radio TCR1000.

The CPS made available with this release includes an updated EUR1 Language pack bundling control enabling English plus German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and now French to be installed together. This is only for Terminals with a display (i.e. not TCR1000)

New and updated Transceiver Tanapas
MR9.11 introduces the following radio tanapas with new encryption options.
PMUE3641A TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M AES256
PMUE3640A TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA1 AES256
PMUE3644A TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA2 AES256
PMUE3643A TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA3 AES256
PMUE3642A TCR1000 380-430 TEA2 BSI E2EE

Note: These will be orderable by selecting one of the following options
QA01785AA TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M AES256
QA01786AA TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA1 AES256
QA01787AA TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA2 AES256
QA01788AA TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA3 AES256

The following option is not yet orderable from the distribution centres.
QA01789AA TCR1000 380-430 TEA2 BSI E2EE
Customers requiring this tanapa should order option
TCR1000 380-430 TEA2 QA00799AA and through arrangement with Motorola service centre GMVN5612B MR5.11.3 CPS+TEA2 +BSI E2EE upgrade should be installed.

MR9.11 software is also applicable for the following radio tanapas which now include battery charging improvements compared to the previous ‘PMUExxxxA’ version, and their predecessors. Note - the orderable options have not changed.

PMUE2955B TCR1000 380-430 CLEAR
PMUE3149B TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M AES128
PMUE3151B TCR1000 380-430 TEA1
PMUE3154B TCR1000 380-430 TEA2
PMUE3152B TCR1000 380-430 TEA3
PMUE3153B TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA1 AES128
PMUE3155B TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA2 AES128
PMUE3157B TCR1000 380-430 UCM-M TEA3 AES128

This release also introduces the AES256 upgrade kit into the TCR1000 portfolio:

The distribution centres will ship software (including this MR9.11 software) under the label 5.11.3 only with all TCR1000. MR9.11 software is distributed free of charge when ordered as part of a body-worn covert radio system

The version of Customer Programming Software (CPS) shipped under the label MR5.11.3 onwards is required for upgrading TCR1000 to MR9.11. This CPS is shared with other terminals. Codeplug configuration can be performed with earlier versions of CPS back to MR5.8

Note that the software tool called ‘CPS-Lite’ is not changed. CPS-Lite is a talkgroup manager hosted on a TETRA PDA; it enables the user to select the talkgroups that can be accessed by the talkgroup rotary switch on the RCU from those already programmed into the radio unit.

Software Enablement Kit
Orderable features remain available via an appropriate software enablement kit which consists of a dongle GM0193A with the appropriate number of purchased licenses for one or more features. Each license activates only ONE matching feature per bodyworn radio unit at the same time as it is provisioned.

The new orderable features are:
• QA01652AA - - Enable Cell Selection by Talkgroup
• QA01276AA - - Enable Air Interface Migration Feature.

These are in addition to the existing orderable features:
• QA00177AA - - Enable GPS Feature
• QA00771AA - - Enable Enhanced Security package.
• QA00772AA - - Enable Permanent Disable (KILL) Feature

Radio Firmware
The following encryption variants are released:

• R16.100.6068 (Clear with End-To-End on MACE UCM)
• R16.110.6068 (TEA1 with End-To-End on MACE UCM)
• R16.120.6068 (TEA2 with End-To-End on MACE UCM)
• R16.220.6068 (TEA2 with End-To-End on BSI SIM)
• R16.130.6068 (TEA3 with End-To-End on MACE UCM)

MR9.11 CPS
MR5.8 CPS onwards contains the CPS for TETRA Covert bodyworn radios and is also applicable for many other Tetra subscribers. The current CPS is version MR5.11.3 / MR9.11 as it applicable to both software releases.

The CPS version is R6C.623.01 and it the fifth CPS version for TCR1000.

The new CPS CD may be ordered:
GMVN5606C MR5.11.3 CPS Tetra Subscribers