Saturday, June 13, 2009

Motorola Professional Radio R06.06.00

Professional Radio - Customer Programming Software R06.06.00

Enhancements in this release:

- Now CPS support to following upgrade features:
1. MDF block features upgrade
2. Radio Frequency upgrade
3. Channel frequency upgrade
After upgrade,the configuration in archive file will be the same as before upgrade.

- Now CPS support to configure more DPL codes.
DPL codes "053", "145", "212", "225", "246", "252", "255", "266", "274", "325","332",
"356", "446", "452", "454", "455", "462", "523", "526" can be configured. These DPL
codes are only available to the firmware version that for Portable is R05.09.13 or later,
for Mobile is R05.05.17 or later.

The corresponding help file should be updated.
Fixed Reported Issues:

System Requirements:
Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Window NT 4.0,
Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional,
Windows XP (Home and Office)

Hardware Requirements:
Processor Pentium II 333 or higher
Memory 64 MB RAM recommended
Hard Disk Space 16 MB minimum Free Space
Peripherals Microsoft Windows supported Mouse or Trackball
Microsoft Windows supported Serial Port for radio communication
Microsoft Windows supported Printer Port for report printing
1.44 MB 3 1/2 inch Floppy Disk Drive
CD-ROM for software installation

Known CPS Issues:

1) If your PC is running the first release of Microsoft Windows 95
and Internet Explorer has not been installed, you may experience
problems in installing and running the CPS due to certain
components of the operating system being out of date.

To eliminate this problem two Microsoft patches have been included
on the CPS CD. If you experience any problems under Windows 95,
please go to the CD and run:
and then re-install the CPS.

2) On some PCs, the CPS may abnormally terminate if Print Preview
is attempted on the Print Custom screen. This problem only occurs
when Print All is selected. This problem has been observed on
Compaq Windows 98 computers with the following programs running:
* Easy Access Internet Program (cpqEasyAcc.exe)
* Compaq Internet Watchdog Program (watchdog.exe)
If this CPS function is to be used, it is recommended that these
programs be removed from the PC startup.

3) When the tree view is printed some nodes may overlap on the
printout and an extra blank page may be printed. This issue
is more likely to occur on large codeplug configurations.

4) On some printers, the columns in some printed tables might be
slightly wider than they should be, causing the table to spread
horizontally onto a second page.

5) Emergency Revert Personalities assigned on the Signaling Configuration Page
will not be tracked if the personality being referenced is moved in the tree

6) On certain HP Laserjet printers the Print Summary option will only print
one page. If you experience this problem, it is recommended that you first
save the information to a file and then use any Editor (Word, Wordpad, etc..)
to open the file and print the summary information.

7) When in Windows ME and Windows XP, sometimes an extra set of scroll bars get
displayed when viewing certain screens.

Programming Hints:

1) It should be noted that a new/added conventional personality
must be assigned to a zone/channel position. To add a zone to
a radio click the "+" in a Personality Assignment to Zone
Window. To add a conventional personality to the radio, click
the "+" on a Conventional Personality Window. To add an
additional conventional personality to a zone go to the
Personality Assignment to Zone:Channel window for the
desired zone. Click the right mouse key within the channel
table to add a conventional personality entry. Please read
the CPS help for additional information.

2) Speed Dial buttons should not be programmed to the P1, P2, and
P3 buttons on radios, which overlay these buttons with the menu
navigation keys. The speed dial buttons will not operate
in this configuration because the buttons function as the menu
navigation keys when phone mode is entered.

3) When adding a new conventional personality, verify that the
bandwidth selected on the Conventional Personality Basic screen is
correct. Incorrect selections will lead to poor radio