Friday, June 19, 2009

Astro 25 Portable and Mobile Digital Wireless

ASTRO 25 is Motorola's third generation of digital wireless solutions specifically designed for mission-critical applications.

ASTRO 25 offers:

•Greater productivity from a workforce that has faster and more reliable access to more sources of information

•Cost savings by combining voice and data into one efficient and flexible solution that allows for easy upgrades and migration as your needs evolve.

•Relief from radio frequency congestion via trunked networking and allocating channels between voice and data as needed - so you can support more users, more calls, and more information on the same spectrum.

•Increased security with leading-edge encryption algorithms to keep your voice and data transmissions confidential.

•Interoperability with other Project 25 compliant solutions, so your system (and your personnel) can work seamlessly with other departments that have compliant systems even if they come from other manufacturers.

•Solid reliability thanks to rigorous manufacturing, expert planning and design, experienced installation and maintenance from a world leader in wireless communication

ASTRO 25 solutions offer you these major features:

•Scalable, flexible design allows ASTRO 25 to suit the needs of any size department. You can start small and grow gradually to support your unique mix of voice, data, and geographical requirements.

•Narrowband simulcasting (12.5 kHz) delivers improved coverage in dense urban areas and indoors. It is especially valuable in large, heavily populated areas where frequency availability is limited. This technology, combined with Intelligent Repeater coverage, gives you maximum design flexibility for covering your area with uninterrupted communication.

•Voice Over Packet networking (based on the exciting new Voice over Internet Protocol technology) allows the system to carry voice communications efficiently and reliably, with excellent sound quality.

•Trunked OTAR (Over-The-Air-Rekeying) is Motorola's Project 25 encryption key management system, which provides excellent security while making it easy for you to manage the encryption keys that protect your voice and data from unauthorized listening.

•Easy software upgrades with centralized downloading; you only have to load the software once and it is automatically distributed throughout your network to support new features.

•Centralized system management uses the familiar Microsoft® Windows interface to help your operators monitor network performance and diagnose faults. The system generates reports that let you see at a glance how the network is doing. The entire network runs off a single clock for accurate event recording.

ASTRO 25 was the first solution on the market to offer full compliance with the Project 25 standard.

P25 sets the standard for flexible, efficient, high-quality digital wireless radio.

Now radio systems from different vendors can interoperate. You can buy from more than one vendor. and different systems in different departments can work together for seamless communication and better cooperation among agencies and jurisdictions.

Single Site Trunking

ASTRO 25 trunked systems are available in single site configurations using Motorola's SMARTNET trunking technology. ASTRO 25 single site systems provide the same advanced features available on SMARTNET systems.

These include such features as:

•Talkgroup calls

•Private calls

•Telephone interconnect

•Emergency alarm/call

•Multiple priority levels

•Dynamic Regrouping

•Selective Radio Inhibit

Wide Area Trunking

ASTRO 25 trunked systems are also available in wide area configurations using Motorola's sophisticated SmartZone trunking technology. SmartZone can integrate communications of individual subsystems over large geographic areas such as a region, county, state, country, or small geographic areas with as few as two sites. Each subsystem can be designed as a remote single site, IntelliRepeater site, voting, or simulcast. SmartZone systems provide the highest levels of effortless user roaming, efficient use of channels, and coverage capability.

Specification Sheet Download(Astro Trunking - PDF File -666KB )
Integrated Voice Brochure Download (ASTRO Integrated Voice and Data - PDF File - 1MB)
Technical Brochure Download (ASTRO25_Brochure-PDF File - 647.1KB ).
Astro 25 Portable Programming Software (Astro 25 Portable CPS)
Astro 25 Mobile Programming Software (Astro 25 Mobile CPS)